Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Neighborhood

A large part of choosing a home is the neighborhood and location of the home. Let’s face it, you can find your dream home with everything you’ve ever imagined a home to have, but if the location isn’t right, it just won’t feel quite like a dream. Use this checklist in your home search to ensure you are only considering homes that meet your location criteria.

Local Transportation

Do you prefer public transportation? If so, you might be more interested in a city location. Moving too far into the country or the suburbs will mean you are responsible for your own transportation because in more cities public transportation isn’t offered far beyond the city limits. It is also a good idea to check out the schedules of public transportation to ensure it is convenient for the times you will need to get around.

Crime Rate

It is always a good idea to be aware of the crime rate before you move to any area. Even if you choose to buy a home in a neighborhood that doesn’t have the best crime rate, be sure that you are aware so you can take proper safety precautions such as a home security system and even a guard dog.

Community Amenities

Do you have pets or children? Do you enjoy going for runs on trails? These are important factors to think about before settling on a location for your home. Take some time to reflect on the types of activities you’d like to have either in your neighborhood or in close proximity so you avoid buyers remorse.

Local Schools

If you have children you definitely want to research the school district. And don’t just look at the individual schools. Consider meeting the administrators in preferred neighborhoods. Ask about test scores and school ratings. You can find a lot of information on the district websites, but don’t be afraid to explore even further than that on school ratings sites like GreatSchools.org.

Traffic & Commute Times

If you are opting to keep your car you should explore commute times to common places like your job, your favorite shops and restaurants and any other places you frequent. Keep in mind that you must factor in more than just the distance to determine the commute time because traffic can extend that time quite a bit.

Economic Stability

When you purchase a home, the goal is for your home to appreciate in value over time. It will be very difficult for this to happen is if there is not economic stability in the neighborhood you choose. When you’re researching the economic stability, make sure to also take a look at surrounding neighborhoods as well. If there is a good mix of residential neighborhoods and flourishing businesses, then the neighborhood is likely in good shape.

There are, of course, other things you might consider when choosing the location of your home, but these are the major areas to think through as you plan. When you’re ready to advance from planning to searching, contact an agent at 123 My New Home to help you find your dream home, in the right neighborhood, and in your desired monthly payment range.


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